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Bluu Bahari 3 Star Hotel

Bluu Bahari 3 Star Hotel

Karpathos Island

Karpathos is the most southern island of the Dodecanese complex. It is located between Crete and Rhodes and is approximately 301 square km in size. Its coasts stretch for about 160 km.

Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese archipelago. It is known for its natural beauty and the fact that local residents keep their traditions more alive than in any other corner (islands or mainland) of Greece. This is evident from the traditional costumes that are worn during the festivities by all the women of the island.

The island is oblong in shape and its length reaches 49 km. Its maximum width reaches 11 km, while its minimum width reaches 3.3 km. Its highest peak reaches 1215 meters. Other high peaks of Karpathos are Profitis Elias 1,168 meters, Lastos 975 meters.

Despite the wild beauty of traditional and untouched nature and wonderful secluded beaches, Karpathos is still untouched by mass tourism, and looks like a true paradise.

Karpathos maintains its traditions and the authenticity of the villages more than any other island in the Aegean Sea. An ideal destination for those who want to combine their holidays with traditional places and take part in local festivities. In the village of Olympus, women continue to wear local traditional costumes that reveal the strong link with the traditions of the Carpathians.

Karpathos produces grapes and from these high quality wines. It also produces oil, grapes, honey, citrus fruits and other kinds. Traditional folklore artworks such as Karpathos plates, textiles and other items are produced here. Lots of tasty fish are caught in the sea of Karpathos. In the south part of the island, you will have the chance to see limestone rocks.

The first impression one gets from Karpathos is that it is a barren rocky island that has no forests. However Karpathos has a great variety of vegetation and is a paradise for the considerable amount of animals and plants. It has a thick and beautiful pine forest in the center of the island at Piles - Mesohori – Spoa.