In Karpathos there are more than 100 beaches, in one week it is impossible to see them all so here is a selection:

Kyra Panagia - (13 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

The sandy beach of Kyra Panagia is one of the most famous, wonderful, clean and well organized beaches of Karpathos. This beach is located between two mountains and is a refined combination of white sand and smooth pebbles, and crystal clear waters. It is located near Apella beach, 14 kilometers northeast of Pigadia.

Some rooms and apartments as well as a tavern are located in Kyra Panagia. Parasols and sunbeds are available for hire.

Achata - (11 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

The sandy beach of Achata is a beautiful and peaceful beach, with beautiful sand and pebbles and a wonderful sea, with fascinating colours. It is located near the beach of Agia Panagia, 13 kilometers north of Pigadia.

It is located in a bay, surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation. A small tavern is present on the beach.

Mikri Amopi (Little Amopi) - (7 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Amopi beach is located southwest of Pigadia, in a bay, and offers 3 sandy beaches.

Little Amopi is located at a short distance from the big Amopi: fine sand with azure waters, tavernas, sunbeds and umbrellas are available.

Megali Amopi (Great Amopi) - (7 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Megali Amopi or Votsalakia is very popular with families with children because the water is shallow. Parasols and sunbeds are available for hire.

Apella - (15 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Apella is the best known beach of Karpathos. It is a beautiful sandy beach with white sand and pebbles and with deep crystal clear sea. It is located about 16 kilometers north of Pigadia, within a charming pine forest.

Pine trees are planted on the rocks surrounding the beach, forming a beautiful picture, a wonderful bay.

Lefkos - (14 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Near the beautiful coastal village of Lefkos, 33 kilometers northwest of Pigadia, visitors will find three beaches of white sand and emerald waters. The first, called Gialou Chorafi ("the camp on the beach") is the best organized of the three. The second is the small sandy beach of Panagias Limani ("the port of the Holy Mother") and the last is the atmospheric beach of Francolimnionas, a well-organized beach in front of the small island of Sokastro.

Finiki - (2 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Distant 21 km from Pigadia, on the west coast of Karpathos, there is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Bars and trattorias are available in the village.

Agios Nikolaos - (900m from Bluu Bahari)

Agios Nikolaos is also known as Arkasa beach. It is a beautiful sandy beach. It is a beautiful sandy beach with white sand and shallow sea. The characteristic of the beach are the taverns facing the sea, offering fresh fish and local dishes.

There are sunbeds, umbrellas for hire and showers.

Damatria - (4.5 km from Bluu Bahari)

It is a beautiful sand and pebble beach with shallow waters on the southeast coast of Karpathos, ideal for families. From the beach you can see the islet of Mira.

Diakoftis - (8 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

The beautiful beach of Diakoftis is located on the southwest coast of the island, about 21 kilometers from Pigadia. Diakoftis is a beautiful beach on the south coast of Karpathos island, with white sand and shallow emerald waters. It is divided into two smaller beaches.

Umbrellas and deckchairs available for hire.

Aphoti - (9 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Afoti is a beautiful sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds near the capital of the island of Karpathos. There are many restaurants and eateries in the area.

Argilopotamos - (6 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Argilopotamos has beautiful white sand beach and shallow waters and big waves making it ideal for surfing.

Pear Ammos - (7 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

The long sandy beach of Pera Ammos is separated from Votsalakia by a small peninsula with a small church on it. It is located 6 kilometers from Pigadia, to the south. Pera Ammos is a beautiful beach with relatively shallow waters making it ideal for families.

There are many tavernas, restaurants and shops along the beach.

Psoraris - (5 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Psoraris is a long sandy beach on the southwest coast of Karpathos.

Being a remote beach, there are no cafeterias, sunbeds or umbrellas available.

Valias - (6 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Valias is a long pebble beach with deep waters, on the southeast coast of Karpathos. The strong winds that blow in the area make it suitable for wind-surfing.

There are umbrellas, sunbeds and drinking water on the beach, as well as a couple of restaurants in the nearby area.

Vrontis - (7 Km. from Bluu Bahari)

Vrontis is an easily accessible sand and pebble beach.

As facilities, there are umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach, as well as a number of restaurants and trattorias in the area.